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Habu Mizuho
habu mizuho
"Meijin, Habu-chan, Chanmizu" gen1
age23 1997/07/07 171.6cm 5'8" Tokyo.
likes anime (Love Live, Shingeki no Kyoujin). cosplay, ballet. tall dancer. contributing well in new situation. HP forum
Harada Aoi
harada aoi
"Aoi, Aa-chan, Aoi-chan" gen1
age20 2000/05/07 156cm 5'1" Tokyo.
ballet. wiry, nervous. was youngest and is still poked fun at as "elementary school girl." now back from education hiatus. HP forum
Kobayashi Yui
kobayashi yui
"Yui-chan, Yui-pon, Pon, Kobayui" gen1
age21 1999/10/23 161cm 5'3" Saitama.
guitar, sax, piano. cool, quiet. good blog. front row dancer/singer. helps younger members in new group. HP forum
Koike Minami
koike minami
"Mii-chan, Mii" gen1
age22 98/11/14 158.5cm 5'2" Hyougo.
quiet, smart, observant, touchy. good dancer. good on radio. Kansai-ben. HP forum
Moriya Akane
moriya akane
"Akanen, Nen, Gunsou (Sgt.)" gen1
age23 97/11/12 163.5cm 5'4" Miyagi.
athletic, acts tough. beauty expert, improving dancer. messes with people but is kind. good handshake. was Deputy Captain. HP forum
Ozeki Rika
ozeki rika
"Rii-chan, Ozeki, Orika, Oze, " gen1
age23 97/10/07 156.5cm 5'2" Kanagawa.
funny, active, kind, makes friends, lacks confidence. university. growing beauty. butt of hosts. reliable but ponkotsu. HP forum
Saitou Fuyuka
saitou fuyuka
"Fuu-chan, Fuu" gen1
age23 98/02/15 158cm 5'2" Tokyo.
dancer, reliable, crafty, popular with members but not public. long blog posts express Keyaki love. HP
Sugai Yuuka
sugai yuuka
"Yukka, Sugai-sama, Chapche" gen1
age25 95/11/29 165cm 5'5" Tokyo.
well-spoken, tense, sometimes ponkotsu. aristocratic school, college. near Olympic-level equestrian. Captain. HP forum
Uemura Rina
uemura rina
"Rina-chan, Uemuu, Muu" gen1
age24 97/01/04 153.5cm 5'0" Chiba.
has never gained prominence, despite her fairy-like beauty. had difficulty learning to dance. now opening up a bit. seems to have good relations with 2gens. HP forum
Watanabe Rika
watanabe rika
"Berika, Pe-chan, Pe" gen1
age24 95/05/16 166.5 cm 5'6" Ibaraki.
sexy. popular. shy. slow. funny in private. works hard to dance. Ray exclusive model. acts. photobook. HP forum
Watanabe Risa
watanabe risa
"Risa, Berisa" gen1
age22 98/07/27 167cm 5'6" Ibaraki.
popular tall quiet beauty. 1st-2nd rows. close with Aoi. non-no exclusive model. rather distant, but kind to juniors. HP forum
Endou Hikari
endou hikari
"Hikarin, Roichan, Enpika" gen2b
age21 99/04/17 163.3cm 5'4" Kanagawa.
exotic beauty. dance champion. wants to model. name written with kanji for "shining jasmine." HP forum
Fujiyoshi Karin
higashimura mei
"Karin, Karin-chan" gen2
age19 2001/08/29 165.1cm 5'5" Osaka.
plays sax. unsmiling but comic. unathletic. kansai-ben. graceful trained dancer, sings well. part of triple center. HP forum
Inoue Rina
iguchi mao
"Inoue, Inori-chan, Inorin" gen2
age20 01/01/29 163cm 5'4" Hyouga.
sings well. soft tennis. long dreamed of being idol. variety star. beauty has bloomed. HP forum
Kousaka Marino
kousaka marino
"Marinon, Sango-chan" gen2b
age18 02/12/19 154.5cm 5'1" Mie.
not yet much featured. HP forum
Masumoto Kira
masumoto kira
"Masumo, Kirazou, Kira-chan, Dorokatsu" gen2b
age19 02/01/12 158.4cm 5'2" Hyogo.
classic beauty obscured by stunned moe and braces. smart. Rubik's Cube in under a minute. wild and crazy audition Showroom. "big weirdo #2" HP forum
Matsuda Rina
matsuda rina
"Matsuri, Marina " gen2
age21 99/10/13 159.5cm 5'3" Miyazaki.
sings well. former bank clerk. brisk, clear, positive. kawaii voice. early to dance w/Keyaki on TV. "mama." now Deputy Captain. HP forum
Morita Hikaru
morita hikaru
"Hii-chan, Run-chan, Runrun" gen2
age19 01/07/10 150.5cm 4'11" Fukuoka.
shortest in Keyaki. Taiko drums. solid, capable, emotional intelligence, natural. centre of triple centre. HP
Moriya Rena
moriya rina
"Yarena, Renaa" gen2b
age21 00/01/02 154cm 5'1" Tokyo.
beautiful and dream-like. excellent posing for mags. W-Moriya w/Akanen. HP forum.

Oonuma Akiho
oonuma akiho
"Akipo" gen2b
age21 99/10/12 161cm 5'3" Shizuoka.
comedy loopiness. "big weirdo." cute, but has variety focus. art/writing talent. "Oonuma sensei". natural country girl. HP forum

Oozono Rei
oozono rei
"Reirei, Zono" gen2b
age20 00/04/18 163cm 5'4" Kagoshima.
pretty, comic, smart, ambitious. only gen2b in first senbatsu. college psych student. bullied/shunned in hs. HP forum

Seki Yumiko
seki yumiko
"Yumi-chan, Kaichou ('chairman')" gen2
age22 98/06/29 167cm 5'6" Fukuoka.
quiet. went to model school and modelled. Keyaki ota. went to Berika handshakes. quiet, pretty, capable, rich/generous. HP forum
Takemoto Yui
takemoto yui
"Chuukemon, Yui-chan" gen2
age18 02/03/23 158.5cm 5'2" Shiga.
danced since 5th grade. early to dance w/Keyaki on TV. middle school student council pres. helpful, organized, energetic, a bit bossy. entertaining. HP forum
Tamura Hono
tamura hono
"Tamu-chan, Honyo, Pooh" gen2
age22 98/10/21 163.5cm 5'4" Osaka.
early to dance w/Keyaki on TV. recognized as a beauty. smart, mature, quiet, smiling. HP forum
Yamasaki Ten
yamasaki ten
"Ten-Ten, Ten-chan" gen2
age15 05/09/28 167+cm 5'6" Osaka.
popular in auditions and now seen as group's future star. youngest. talented singer and dancer. a bit solitary. part of triple centre. HP forum
Imaizumi Yui
imaizumi yui
"Zumiko, Zuumin, Zuu" gen1
age22 1998/09/30 153cm 5' Kanagawa.
real singer. showbiz age 11. front row but never centre, as she wanted to be. great handshake. popular photobook. GRADUATED, now w/Avex agency.
wiki pics HP forum
Hirate Yurina
hirate yurina
"Techi, Tecchan, Hii-chan" gen1
age19 2001/06/25 165cm 5'5" Aichi.
great fixed Centre: athletic, expressive, cool, sweet. but difficult. film star. long absences for physical/emotional reasons. GRAD 2020.
wiki pics HP forum
Ishimori Nijika
ishimori nijika
"Nijika, Niji" gen1
age23 1997/05/07 162cm 5'4" Miyagi.
dancer, loves dogs, insecure, former local idol. acts well. growing confidence and some popularity. GRAD 2020 ("scandal")
wiki pics HP forum
Matsudaira Riko
matsudaira riko
"Riko, Rikopi" gen2
age22 98/05/05 168.3cm 5'6" Tokyo.
SR#58. likes Berika, Hoshino Minami, Nao-chan. loves Neru. basketball club manager. rumour re Matsudaira samurai clan. will GRADUATES 15 March 2021. HP forum
Nagahama Neru
nagahama neru
"Neru, Neruko, Nagaru" gen1
age22 98/09/04 159cm 5'3" Nagasaki.
clever/kind/cute/popular. Hiragana kennin for a while. photobook huge sales. not great dancer or singer. now TV personality. GRAD 2019
wiki pics HP forum
Nagasawa Nanako
nagasawa nanako
"Naako, Nanako" gen1
age23 97/04/23 158cm 5'2" Yamagata.
sweet, stoic. weird, former miko. sneaky smile. funny. popular. works hard to attract fans. good blog. GRADUATED ("scandal")
wiki pics HP forum
Oda Nana
oda nana
"Oda Nana, Danii, Daninu" gen1
age22 98/06/04 162cm 5'4" Shizuoka.
strong, athletic. masculine but motherly. more popular w/members than w/fans. variety. film. GRADUATED ("scandal")
wiki pics HP forum
Satou Shiori
satou shiori
"Shii-chan, Satoshi, Shii" gen1
age24 96/11/16 161cm 5'3" Tokyo.
art college grad. insecure at first. then bloomed in expression, dance, mature confidence. GRADUATED

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Shida Manaka
shida manaka
"Mona, Pippi, Manaka" gen1
age22 98/11/23 167cm 5'6" Niigata.
cool, natural. huge laugh. popular. took hiatus due to health and scandal sheet attack. GRADUATED ("scandal")
wiki pics HP
Suzumoto Miyu
suzumoto miyu
"Suzumon, Mon, Kuritarou, Monta" gen1
age23 97/12/05 156cm 5'1" Aichi.
best dancer. funny faces. shy, serious, comic. likes chestnuts. front row dancer. has subbed for Hirate at centre. my oshi. GRADUATED
wiki pics HP forum
Yonetani Nanami
Yonetani nanami
"Yone-san, Yonemin, Yonemi, Yone" gen1
age20 00/02/24 159cm 5'3" Osaka.
intelligent, sharp, lovely smile. clean-freak loves microbes. mainly 3rd row. little impact as idol. blooming as uni student. 1ST TO GRADUATE
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-- Members listed separately in three groups: 1. Sakurazaka46 gen1; 2. Sakurazaka46 gen2; 3. graduated members.

-- Official portraits as of March 2021 (graduated members are in earlier uniforms)

"Gen1" refers to the main intake of members ("generation 1") in August 2015, as well as to Nagahama Neru, who joined in November (and is sometimes called 1.5gen)

"Gen2" refers to the intake of nine new members in 2019, and "Gen2b", to the intake of six new members in 2020.

-- Ages as of current date.

-- Each member's official Home Page ("HP") has links to news, schedule, and personal blog (all in Japanese).

-- Each member's "forum" refers to their forum on the site Stage48 (in English). Knowledgeable fans, good discussions and good info.


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