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Habu Mizuho
habu mizuho
"Meijin, Habu-chan, Chanmizu" gen1
age21 1997/07/07 171cm 5'7" Tokyo.
likes anime (Love Live, Shingeki no Kyoujin). cosplay, ballet. tall dancer, now popular with fans, mgmt. rows 2-3-3-3-1-1-1.
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pink lightblue
Harada Aoi
harada aoi
"Aoi, Acha, Aa-chan, Aoi-chan" gen1
age18 2000/05/07 156cm 5'1" Tokyo.
young, wiry. ballet. growing popularity. talented, nervous. 3-3-1-3-2-3-0. fixed teeth. hiatus now because top student.
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orange yellow
Hirate Yurina
hirate yurina
"Techi, Techiko, Tecchan" gen1
age17 2001/06/25 165cm 5'5" Aichi.
great Centre: athletic, expressive, cool, , sweet. Long absent, with reappearances in full form. stars in film.
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Imaizumi Yui
imaizumi yui
"Zumiko, Zuumin, Zuu" gen1
age20 1998/09/30 153cm 5' Kanagawa.
singer. showbiz age 11. 1-1-2-2-3-1-0. great handshake. frequent rest. photobook selling. NOW GRADUATED
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red green
Ishimori Nijika
ishimori nijika
"Nijika, Niji" gen1
age21 1997/05/07 162cm 5'4" Miyagi.
dancer, loves dogs, insecure, once local idol. acts well. growing confidence and some popularity. 3-3-3-3-1-3-3.
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pink white rainbow/white
Kobayashi Yui
kobayashi yui
"Yui-chan, Yui-pon, Pon, Kobayui" gen1
age1 1999/10/23 162cm 5'4 guitar, sax, piano. cool, quiet. can sing, dance, act. good blog. 1-2-2-2-1-1-1. double centre w/Imaizumi. blossoming now.
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blue yellow
Koike Minami
koike minami
"Mii-chan, Mii" gen1
age20 98/11/14 159cm 5'3" Hyougo.
cute, moe, quiet, smart, kind, touchy. good dancer. good on radio. Kansai-ben. very popular. 3-3-1-3-2-1-2.
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orange white
Moriya Akane
moriya akane
"Akanen, Nen, Gunsou (Sgt.)" gen1
age21 97/11/12 164cm 5'5" Miyagi.
athletic, beauty expert, improving dancer. messes with people but is kind. good at handshake. 2-2-1-2-2-1-3. Deputy Captain.
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red red
Nagahama Neru
nagahama neru
"Neru, Neruko, Nagaru" gen1
age20 98/09/04 159cm 5'3" Nagasaki.
clever, kind, popular. maybe a bit sneaky. late entry. former Hiragana kennin. photobook huge sales. growing TV personality. 0-2-2-1-2-2-2
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purple purple
Nagasawa Nanako
nagasawa nanako
"Naako, Nanako" gen1
age21 97/04/23 158cm 5'2" Yamagata.
sweet, stoic. weird, former miko. sneaky smile. funny. popular. works hard to attract fans. good blog. 3-3-3-1-3-1-2. subunits.
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red white
Oda Nana
oda nana
"Oda Nana, Danii, Daninu" gen1
age20 98/06/04 162cm 5'4" Shizuoka.
strong, athletic, dancer. seen as motherly. more popular w/members than fans. good in variety. 3-3-3-1-3-3-3. in a film.
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orange green
Ozeki Rika
ozeki rika
"Rika-chan, Rii-chan, Ozeki, Orika" gen1
age21 97/10/07 156cm 5'1" Kanagawa.
funny, active, kind, open-minded, makes friends, lacks confidence. growing beauty. university student. rows 2-3-3-3-1-3-3.
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yellow white
Saitou Fuyuka
saitou fuyuka
"Fuu-chan, Fuu" gen1
age20 98/02/15 157cm 5'2" Tokyo.
dancer, reliable, crafty, popular with members but not public. long blog posts express Keyaki love. 3-3-1-3-3-3-3.
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Satou Shiori
satou shiori
"Shii-chan, Satoshi, Shii" gen1
age22 96/11/16 161cm 5'3" Tokyo.
3rd yr art college. insecure at first. now blooming in beauty, expression, dance, intelligence. rows: 3-3-1-3-3-3-3.
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Shida Manaka
shida manaka
"Mona, Pippi, Manaka" gen1
age20 98/11/23 167cm 5'6" Niigata.
cool, natural. huge laugh. popular. on hiatus due to health and scandal sheet attack. 2-1-2-2-2-2-0 NOW GRADUATED
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Sugai Yuuka
sugai yuuka
"Yukka, Sugai-sama, Chapche" gen1
age23 95/11/29 166cm 5'5" Tokyo.
well-spoken, sometimes ponkotsu, high-class school and university. equestrian. popular. Captain. rows 2-2-2-1-1-2-2.
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Suzumoto Miyu
suzumoto miyu
"Suzumon, Mon, Kuritarou, Monta" gen1
age20 97/12/05 156cm 5'1" Aichi.
best dancer. funny faces. shy, serious, comic. likes chestnuts. now popular. can sub for Hirate at centre. rows: 1-2-1-2-1-1-1.
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Uemura Rina
uemura rina
"Rina-chan, Uemuu, Muu" gen1
age21 97/01/04 152cm 4'-11.8" Chiba.
fairy-like beauty. older than she looks. a bit at odds wiith life. struggled to learn to dance. rows 3-3-3-1-3-2-2. now rising.
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Watanabe Rika
watanabe rika
"Berika, Pe-chan, Pe" gen1
age23 95/05/16 166 cm 5'5" Ibaraki.
sexy. popular. shy. slow. funny in private. works hard to dance. Ray exclusive model. acts. photobook. rows: 1-1-2-2-2-2-3.
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Watanabe Risa
watanabe risa
"Risa, Berisa" gen1
age20 98/07/27 166cm 5'5" Ibaraki.
popular. big. cool beauty. 2-1-2-2-2-1-1. close with Aoi. subgroups. non-no exclusive model.
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Yonetani Nanami
tonetani nanami
"Yone-san, Yonemin, Yonemi, Yone" gen1
age18 00/02/24 159cm 5'3" Osaka.
intelligent, sharp, lovely smile. clean-freak loves microbes. Osaka. blooming as uni student. 3-3-3-1-3-3-1. GRADUATES SOON
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Higashimura Mei
higashimura mei
"Meimei, Mey" gen1
age20 98/08/23 153cm 5' Nara.
may be at univ. Kansai-ben. weird and funny. tiny. cute. rifle exercises. stamina. dances well. can seem adult or age 3.
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red white
Iguchi Mao
iguchi mao
"Iguchi, Mao-chan, Maa" gen1
age23 95/11/10 163cm 5'4" Niigata.
energetic. comic. mood-maker. nuts. but majime. works hard to dance. university. "Snack Mao" feature on GanaOshi
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red orange
Kageyama Yuuka
kageyama yuuka
"Kage-chan, Gey-tan, Gey" gen1
age17 01/05/08 157cm 5'2" Tokyo.
singer, dancer. 2015 AKB48 draft conf. smart, active, striving, nervous. new K46 quiz champ. soccer fan. EDUCATION HIATUS
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red red
Kakizaki Memi
kakizaki memi
"Memii, Memi-tan, MemiMemi-hime" gen1
age17 01/12/02 157cm 5'2" Nagano.
forthright, physical. cute. artclub pres. dances, acts, sings well. close w/Takase, Neru. has centred. new confidence.
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pearlgreen pearlgreen
Katou Shiho
katou shiho
"Toshi-chan, Shiho, Katoshi" gen1
age20 98/02/02 160cm 5'3" Tokyo.
charming, friendly, relaxed, amusing, sexy. but emotional and pessimistic. stylish. sings well. good dancer. popular w/fans.
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blue blue
Saitou Kyouko
saitou kyouko
"Kyonko, Kyon, Kyokon" gen1
age21 97/09/05 154cm 5'1" Tokyo.
exellent deep voice, good dancer. former Sony trainee. Showroom, handshake pro. loves ramen. popular. funny. has centred.
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white white
Sasaki Kumi
sasaki kumi
"Gumi, Kiku-chan, Kikuchi, Kuma" gen1
age22 96/01/22 167cm 5'6" Chiba.
tall, ponkotsu madonna. comic, helpful, pushy. well-spoken. university. Hiragana's captain and MC.
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white blue
Sasaki Mirei
sasaki mirei
"Mii-pan, Pan" gen1
age18 99/12/17 164cm 5'5" Hyougo.
was in teen idol group
choco☆milQ. lived in Taiwan, genki, friendly, sings well, mature, capable. can act. has centered.
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light blue red
Takamoto Ayaka
takamoto ayaka
"Tekemoto, Take-chan, Aya" gen1
age20 98/11/02 162cm 5'4" Kanagawa.
sexy girl next door. former partier. popular. archery. outgoing, emotional, not clever. karaoke w/mom before audition.
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green white
Takase Mana
takase mana
"Manafii, Fii" gen1
age20 98/09/20 157cm 5'2" Osaka.
shy, nervous, modest. smart. Kansai-ben. loves musicals. speaks English. lived 4years in UK. lithe, pretty, tense.
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red yellow
Ushio Sarina
ushio sarina
"Nacho, Sarii, Sarimakasi" gen1
age20 97/12/26 157cm 5'2" Kanagawa.
sings well. high speaking voice. talks quickly and a lot. lived in Indonesia, speaks some Bahasa. cute yet mature. motherly.
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purple white
Hamagishi Hiyori
hamagishi hiyori
"Hiyo-tan, Hiyorin" gen2
age16 2002/09/28 166cm 5'5" Fukuoka
oshi Neru. 12y ballet. big, tall. young, surreal, implacable. good on Oshi and Bingo. suddenly beautiful.
orange white
Kanemura Miku
kanemura miku
"Miku, Ramune" gen2
age16 2002/09/10 161cm 5'3" Saitama.
oshis Ozeki, Kyonko/Kage. alto sax, ballet. smart, nervous, mature, fast-talking. but can show her youth. sharply pretty.
yellow lightblue
Kawata Hina
kawata hina
"Hina" gen2
age17 2001/07/23 153cm 5' Yamaguchi.
oshis Zumiko, Memi. electone organ, harmonica, recorder. kawaii speaking voice/manner. looks quiet but happy.
hot pink yellow
Kosaka Nao
kosaka nao
"Nao, Kosakana, Naotetsu" gen2
age16 2002/09/07 159cm 5'3" Osaka
oshis Neru, Sarina. sings well. v-ball centre. competent, cool, shy. cute to the point of beauty. very popular. 2gens' centre.
violet white
Matsuda Konoka
matsuda konoka
"Konoka" gen2
age19 99/04/27 157cm 5'2" Kyoto
ballet, guitar, Japanese drum. sings well. moves well. cute, capable. in Sakamichi drama. sister is beauty queen.
hotpink pearlgreen
Miyata Manamo
miyata manamo
"Manamo, Manamottii..." gen2
age20 98/04/28 158cm 5'2" Tokyo.
oshis Moriya/Shida/Kyonko. ballet, dance. classic Jap. lit. good uni. perfect formal bow. intriguingly off-centre. dangerous mind.
shocking pink pearl pink
Nibu Akari
nibu akari
"Nibubu, Buu" gen2
age17 01/02/15 154cm 5'1" Saitama.
Kendo. wrote fans' SR comments in notebook, called it her "treasure." great reaction faces. good in MagiReco.
purple violet
Tomita Suzuka
tomita suzuka
"Paripi-chan, Suzuka, Nobuko, Juju" gen2
age17 01/01/18 164cm 5'5" Kanagawa
oshis Moriya, Kumi. went to K46 handshake. sings, dances well. plays guitar. funny, relaxed. good ad libs. comic.
pearl pink pearl blue
Watanabe Miho
watanabe miho
"Miho, Watamin, Bemiho, Kyoro-chan" gen2
age18 00/02/24 158cm 5'2" Saitama.
oshis Techi/Neru. basketball captain. cute, confident, expressive. protects her team. 1st Hiragana photobook. front row.
white pearl blue


-- Members listed separately in three groups: 1. (Kanji) Keyakizaka46; 2. Hiragana Keyaki gen1; and 3. Hiragana Keyaki gen 2.

-- Graduated members on grey background, but still listed with group

-- Official portraits as of 06 August 2018 (7th single) and 24 May 2018 (Hiragana album)

"Gen1" refers to the main intake of members ("generation 1") in August 2015, as well as to Nagahama Neru, who joined in November (and is sometimes called 1.5gen), and to the main intake of Hiragana members in May 2016.

"Gen2" refers to the intake of new Hiragana members in August 2017.

-- Ages as of current date.

-- Each member's official Home Page ("HP") has links to news, schedule, and personal blog (all in Japanese).

-- Colored squares at end of each entry are the member's chosen penlight colours for fans. Colour names will pop up when you put your mouse over the colour image. Only Hirate has no colours: she has stated that she does not believe in members having colours, but in songs having colours.

Song colours include:
Silent Majority, Yamanotesen -- greenxgreen
Parco -- redxred
Jibun no Hitsugi -- redxred (at 1708 tour Makuhari)
Aozora ga Chigau -- bluexblue
SekaAi --
some people have used bluexblue
Yuuhi 1/3 --
many people have used orangexorange
Zumiko's Sunflower song -- orange x orange
W-Keyakizaka no Uta --
green (turning red at the end)
Hiragana Keyaki (the group's first song) -- pinkxpink

One group has colours:
Yuichans -- redxred

Nijika prefers rainbow (niji) colour x white. I'm not sure what that is.


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